What Are the Causes of Noncompliance Behaviors in Bar Code Medication Administration System Processes?


Healthcare information systems (e.g., Bar Code Medication Administration [BCMA] system) have been adopted to deliver efficient healthcare services recently. However, though it is seemingly simple to use (scanning barcodes before medication), users of the BCMA system (e.g., nurses and pharmacists) often show noncompliance behaviors. Therefore, the goal of this study is to comprehensively understand why such noncompliance behaviors occur with BCMA system. Through comprehensive literature review, 128 instances of causes were identified, which were categorized into five categories: Poor Visual and Audio Interface, Poor Physical Ergonomic Design, Poor Information Integrity, Abnormal Situation for System Use, and User Reluctance and Negligence. The results show that successful use of a BCMA system requires supportive systems and environments, so it is more like an issue of the system rather than that of an individual user or a device. It is believed that the proposed categories could be applicable in investigating noncompliance behaviors in other healthcare information systems as well.

International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction