GUIComp: A GUI Design Assistant with Real-Time, Multi-Faceted Feedback

This video demonstrates how GUIComp can be helpful for users to find better designs of UI using the guidance provided as multi-faceted feedback. GUIComp is a design assistive system that supports users’ GUI design process by providing real-time, multi-faceted feedback through three different methods: relevant examples, evaluation metrics, and attention heatmap. The tool can be appended to GUI design applications as an add-on tool with some configuration efforts.


Users may face challenges while designing graphical user interfaces, due to a lack of relevant experience and guidance. This paper aims to investigate the issues that users with no experience face during the design process, and how to resolve them. To this end, we conducted semi-structured interviews, based on which we built a GUI prototyping assistance tool called GUIComp. This tool can be connected to GUI design software as an extension, and it provides real-time, multi-faceted feedback on a user's current design. Additionally, we conducted two user studies, in which we asked participants to create mobile GUIs with or without GUIComp, and requested online workers to assess the created GUIs. The experimental results show that GUIComp facilitated iterative design and the participants with GUIComp had better a user experience and produced more acceptable designs than those who did not.

ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI)